Our Mission

Beyond Local

Our mission is to not only serve plants and get people connected to nature but to shift the entire cultural context of our current social atmospheres. Currently in 2020, we are disconnected from each other more than ever for a variety of different reasons, whether it be the pandemic, politics, living in the social media digital age, or the simpleness of living in a consumerist society where most of our neighbors are strangers..

There is a current nationwide mental health crisis that isn’t being addressed whatsoever and humans are social creatures who need community. Our options for gathering are very limited, largely limited to bars or our small friends groups, and we need more than that. We are biologically wired to be a part of a village and cities unfortunately do not provide that necessity to everybody despite them being filled with millions of people. This is why we believe in the kava bars and this is why they have been so successful. It provides community in a brand new light, something needed now more than ever. It is not having to party or drink alcohol to be social; it is being able to gather with people at any time of the day while grabbing a coffee or a shell of kava or also enjoying sober nightlife. After Bula Kafe being built 11 years ago, it has started a form of community that will only keep reverberating and will continue to spread throughout not just Pinellas County but the entire country. 

Kava and botanical bars are now found in dozens of cities across the nation. We meant the part about this being a newfound cultural movement.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to bring community and connect everyone back to themselves, each other, and nature. Every night at Bula on the Beach a group of us meets for sunset and on Sundays we have a drum circle before sunset (while following social distancing guidelines). Our bars are open from early morning until late night and your first shell of kava is on the house. If you are searching for an escape from the everyday and believe in community and spaces that help shift society, or if you simply want a good cup of coffee or shell of kava, we hope you come by.