The Story

What is Bula?

Bula Kafe, our original kava bar, opened in 2009 and we have built 3 more since; Bula on the Beach located on Madeira Beach, Bula Kavananda in Tampa, and Bula Cocoa in Cocoa Beach.

We are proud to say this is our fourth year winning Best of the Bay’s award for best kava bar and our second year in a row winning Best Beach Bar (a proud accomplishment considering we don’t serve any alcohol).

What is a kava bar?

A kava bar is a bar that serves a variety of plants, primarily kava, instead of alcohol. Kava is the root of a pepper plant from the Pacific Islands that has been used traditionally for thousands of years to gather people because of its relaxing effects. The effects are mild, stress relieving, and anxiety reducing while also being somewhat of a social lubricant. Other drinks besides kava served at our bars are coffee, kombucha, hemp, cacao, botanical teas, and other herbal teas prepared by local plant lovers.

Many of our products are locally made and the others are sourced sustainably with care. Since we first opened our doors, more than 20 other kava bars have been opened in Pinellas County. It has created a massive counter-culture movement for all walks of life to gather around love, community & quality botanicals drinks.